Wednesday, December 14, 2005

جای دوست و دشمن

جای دوست و دشمن
در تاييد نظر کارشناسی نبوی که رييس جمهور مشنگ علاقه ی زيادی به جلب توجه
داره .. بايد اضافه کرد که احمدی نژاد ديگه فقط به شباهت ظاهری خودش به ميمون
بسنده نميکنه ... برای سرگرمی و معطوف کردن توجه همه ... حالا ديگه ؛ جای دوست
و دشمن هم نشون ميده ..

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Celebrities! Don't they have enough money

Yesterday evening I was windowshopping... I saw a Donald Trump shirt! don't they have enough money ... I hate this celebrity brands...Perfume Shania ,Celin Dion, Sara Jessica Parker
This guy, Trump.. he is unbelievable
I know this is stating the obvious but these people are full of themselves .. but it's disgusting.. and it's spreading... so fast.... and you have to see them everywhere ....this is true meaning of "Filthy Rich"



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