Friday, February 10, 2006

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is not untouchable... the fact that" we are free to express our opinion" is based on removal of sanctity of sensitive issues even our own ideas. I don't believe we can take holliness of a religion just to create another religion named as " Freedom of speech ".. we cannot condemn one type of fundamtalism and be fundamentalist about our approach .. it sounds hypocracy to me to say only people who believe in freedom speech have that right to express themselves. Don't take me wrong ... I am all for freedom of speech but when it is said nothing is untouchable we should include ourselves in that circle too. Yes, we can be "fundamentalist" when we refer to freedom of speech as absolute. Specially, people who are believer of freedom should be more flexible and avoid falling in the same loop that they were scaping from ... "Fundamentalism" .


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